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Dr Sue Smith at Optimise

I’m an experienced health professional working as a GP on the Wirral and in Chester. Even in this setting, I’ve always applied a holistic approach to my patients and I’ve always focused on helping to bring out the best in them in any way I can. 


But I also know that sometimes people need extra help outside of their GP and hospital environment. Through Optimise, I work to address conditions that may not be fully dealt with by mainstream medicine. You may even have experienced medication intolerance or some other treatment failure. I want to help you find a way to address that. But be reassured I’m always aware of my promise as a doctor to 'first do no harm'. That means I always maintain an ethical approach to the treatments and advice offered – that may even mean I advise you to talk to someone who I think can help you more than I could. 


I am not acting as a private GP in the setting of Optimise but instead offer health advice and coaching to facilitate the best outcome for you and advising on the holisitic therapies available.


Making the best of yourself


My philosophy is we need to take responsibility for our health destiny. We need to make the very best of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually  - these are closely inter-related and affect each other more than we may realise.


So what does that actually mean in practice? Whether you’re dealing with an illness, a health concern, emotional struggles or any other aspect of your wellbeing, my approach is always to emphasise achieving your wellbeing and optimisation on both a physical and a mental level. 


I’m a firm believer in the benefits of ‘natural’ and complimentary medicine


That covers a lot of things. It means finding ways to make the most of what you have naturally. That may be stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal or renews itself through acupuncture. It may be helping you find ways with health coaching to view your life differently to get more from it. It can be about using the power of other natural therapies to work alongside more conventional medical approaches to help you manage your present condition. 


It also extends into what you put into and on your body. I believe it’s important to be careful about what is absorbed by your skin and to use those products to support your wellbeing. I use and recommend a range of prestige naturally-based products as part of my dermaroller treatments and for ongoing skincare and nutrition to support wellness. 


If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you, call me on 07811 383205, email sue@drsuesmith.co.uk or send me a message via my contact form.

I was passed the details of Sue by a trusted friend. I had been suffering from trapped nerves in my back, and was suffering severe pain in my neck, shoulders, back, arms, hand and middle fingers.

After taking heavy duty pain killers for several weeks I decided to undergo a course of acupuncture with Sue.

I can honestly say that some relief came after the first session. With each subsequent session as the weeks went by I became pain free. The ease with which Sue places the needles in just the right locations was very comfortable, and at all times I felt confident with Sue’s competence with treating me.

Now pain free I have requested that I still have some more sessions but at very long intervals, as I felt my overall health benefited too from my treatments.

Provided by: Elaine Pettit BSc. 

 Oakview Coaching  Personal Development Coach.   www.oakviewcoaching


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