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Life can present you with more than your fair share of challenges and sometimes you need a little extra support in managing them. As an experienced GP,  INLPTA accredited NLP practitioner and Certified Health and Wellness Coach you can be assured that you’ll get professional and sympathetic support in finding ways to deal with those challenges.
Health Consultation 
This involves an assessment of health to include such things as blood pressure, BMI and body fat analysis together with a detailed history and brief examination as needed. The outcome is that I can then give advice to you as to the next steps to take and to provide guidance for your wellness journey and to a range of holistic therapies. I can provide this as an initial step to a more in-depth goal-orientated coaching concept. 
Health & Wellness Coaching 
I use my knowledge and experience as a doctor together with NLP to provide an environment in which we explore health and create a path towards solutions for your health in a holistic and empowering way. This is done usually in a neutral enviroment and can be done outside - walking and talking can help significantly unblock and clarify thoughts and create positive change. Arrangements made in advance and a free phone consultation and or a brief meet up to see I'm the right person to help you can be arranged.


What is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?
You have your own unique mental ‘filtering system’ which is busy processing a never-ending flow of information about everything that’s going on around you. It’s absorbed through your senses and creates an ongoing ‘mental map’ of the world – your world. You then unconsciously attach meanings to that information. That forms your everyday conscious awareness and affects the way you behave.

In other words, the way you filter and perceive information drives your behaviour and the way you respond to life. Change the way you filter and perceive that information and it has a significant impact on the way you react to and feel able to cope with situations.
NLP offers a way of understanding why your thoughts, feelings, language and behaviour have the impact they do. It helps you make changes to that filtering system and therefore it also helps you change behaviours.
If you’re based in the Chester or Wirral area and want to find out more about this, why not call me on 07811 383205 for a friendly, confidential chat?
How can NLP therapy help you? 
NLP is a therapeutic approach to help you overcome obstacles that are holding you back either specifically in relation to your health or in life in general. It can be used to treat a range of issues including [depression and phobias – any particular examples you’d like to mention?]. It can also be used to create positive change in all aspects of your life (enhancing your performance in work for example).
You’ll have your own unique style of learning about, perceiving and responding to the world. As NLP therapy is bespoke to you and your particular circumstances, do get in touch for a more specific chat about how it can help you. Call me on 07811 383205 or email
What happens during an NLP therapy session?
We’ll use the NLP sessions to identify the best way to move from how things are in your life right now to how you want them to be. 
We’ll do this by working through the images, sounds and feelings that make up your inner and outer world. This is done using a structured, precise approach to enable us to identify and understand how and why you deal with situations in a certain way.
Once we’ve identified this, we’ll create an approach to help you make realistic, achievable changes. Your beliefs - both empowering and self-limiting - are there as a result of your past and present. We’ll work on altering those beliefs through the application of a wide range of neuro-linguistic tools.

To find out more about my Heswall and Chester based NLP therapy clinics and how they can help you achieve rapid and everlasting change please do give me a ring on 07811 383205.


Prices are time dependant and discounts for any sessions paid ahead - 



Sue has enabled me to see life and the people and situations In it from a more powerful stance - she has enabled me to start learning that I can deal with situations, and my own life with a lot more self control, and has started to teach me ways to remove myself from other people's processes, and demands and opinions - I am starting to feel a lot more empowered and a lot more settled - and I can't wait to get even better at enjoying my life, and being a better lead for my children. 

I have used these skills in all aspects of living, relationships, work, parenting etc - I didn't realise at first just how simple strategies can positively change almost any life situation!

I found that the therapy was more enjoyable whilst walking with the dog, rather than sitting, given the extremely complex emotional position I was in  last year, so guess what - sue would meet me on a beautiful circular walk, with her dog too- nothing is a problem.

I find sue, apart from being knowledgable, both medically and psychologically, warm, wise, and non judgemental, and I actually enjoy working with her! I can't wait to learn more!

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